About Us

History of the company

Tourist - excursion enterprise Tomskturist has already been known for more than 40 years!

Established as Public council at Tomsk regional TradeUnion council it has become the largest tourist enterprise of the Tomsk Oblast.The structure of the enterprise includes: the hotel "Sputnik", amotor depot, ticket offices as well as the departments of health resorttreatment, children tourism, outbound and domestic tourism, and an excursionbureau.

Today the company's staff is a professional team, in which eachemployee has had special training and has familiarized with all offered resortsand hotels. The attentive personnel are always ready to help you to choose aworthy variant of rest. For this purpose our offices are equipped witheverything necessary: books, colourful brochures, photos, video films, andmodern computer equipment.

Our principle of work is reliability, stability, and trust of our clients!

In 2004 the company's big contribution to thedevelopment of tourism was officially acknowledged by the Governor of TomskOblast V. M. Kress, and in the days of celebration of 400-th anniversary ofTomsk foundation the enterprise was accredited with the right of serviceprovider for the VIP-visitors and official delegations. For the best excursionand methodologicalwork Tomskturist wasawarded the Big Gold Medal of the Siberian Fair "Tursib - 2004". Onresults of the tourist season of 2003-2004 the enterprise received the rank ofa reliable partner from the Insurance House of Military Insurance Company forthe exclusive program of tourist services crediting.

In 2005 Tomskturist was awarded the Goldmedal of Inter-regional competition "The Best Goods and Services ofSiberia " for the achievements in development of domestic tourism andexcursion business.

Enjoy all the advantages of havingrest! If you are keen on travelling and want tofind yourself by a tender sea, under a bright sunny sky... Or you would like tospend your holiday in a fabulous atmosphere of an old mother Europe, shiningwith its festive lights ... Probably, you cannot imagine your life withoutsnowy slopes and mountain-skiing lines. Quite probably, you wish to provideyour child with an excellent education. Or you want to improve your health ...Youcan absolutely rely on the Tomskturist staff's professionalism and advice.

Tomskturist is ready to make all your dreams cometrue! Make friends with us and we will offer you the whole constellation of unforgettable trips, which will fill you with bright and long-lastingimpressions!

Have you accepted our offer yet? Then - off we go!


Society with limited liability "Tourist - Excursion Enterprise "Tomskturist"

Head office

The address: 634029, Tomsk-29, Ave. Belinskogo, 15 (hotel SPUTNIK) tel: +7(3822) 53-21-21

Bank requisites

INN 7018046305
KPP 701801001
Tomsk OSB num. 8616 of Tomsk
Settlement account
BIK 046902606
OKPO 04822472

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